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Weight watchers

Were can you find the curb weights for vehicles(and their combinations) the websites generally wont show you this-Kevin

Drop into any dealer and the brochure will give you the curb weight. Also, Consumer Reports has an annual car listing and those will give you the curb weights as well.

You can usually find curb weights for most vehicles on google. Just type in the year, make and model and add the magic word (specifications). I’ve done this for years. Try it.

The manufacturers’ websites have curb weights under specifications, weights and capacities.

Another good source is

I use the MSN Autos web site to compare cars, including weight:

Let me second
They have an easy to navigate site.

Find that info for new cars by the methods above. But what about an older car? Wouldn’t the gross vehicular weight (GSW) shown on the car’s title or registration? I don’t have my Corolla’s registration in front of me, but I seem to remember there is a square on the form for that. Is GSW the same as curb weight?


The weights listed on a vehicle’s title are estimates, and often times nowhere close to the vehicles actual weight. For example my F-150 weighs 4200 pounds according to the title, but according to the scale at the dump, with me in it, but nothing in the bed, it weighs 4800 pounds. I weight about 200 pounds (down from 225 a year ago :slight_smile: )

Thanks guys but those web sites of the manus,I can usually find everything but the curb weight,will try Edmunds,like FoDaddy the generalizations throw me a little,the vehicles are usually heavier and sometimes that explains the very lackluster performance.I cant find the curb weight anywhere on the Ford truck site-Kevin

MSN has specs going back to 1988.

I have had pretty good luck searching specs for any vehicle. Vintage foreign vehicles may be in kilos 2.2 lbs . Remember that curb weight is “wet”. All fluids installed including full fuel.

On MSN,do I just type in the model I’m interested in?-Kevin

Click on the link, click ‘add a car’ and select the various pull downs, your model’s specs should then appear.