How to find total weight of a car


Where can you locate the total weight of a car


On a truck scale. Or from the manufacturer’s sales brochure. Perhaps even from your registration slip.


Your ownwer’s manual will have the dry (no gas), unloaded weight in the back of the book.If you want to know the real weight with gas and driver, any highway weigh scale will give you the weight if you ask nicely. I normally take something to the dump, and on the way back my car gets weighed and I find what the “test weight” is with gas and driver aboard.


Look it up in the owner’s manual, but that will be a “standard” weight and may not match your car exactly. If you want to know what it weighs on a given day, find a public scale and drive the car onto it. Most truck stops have them. If you can’t find a truck stop, go to your local rock quarry. They all have vehicle scales.


Go to the nearest truck stop and pay $8-$10 to use the truck scale. If you park the car on the scale in the correct manner, you can also get the axle weights separately.

When you pull onto the scale, the PA system and the call button will be at the height of a semi’s driver’s window. Go inside first and tell the person behind the counter what you want to do. Then they can use the PA system to let you know they have captured the weight. Then you pull off the scale, go indide, pay, and get a ticket with the weight on it.


How accurate is a truck scale? Enough to get you jack slapped.

I had a buddy who had a slightly overweight wife. She wouldn’t tell him how much she weighed. He drove a coal truck and weighed her in the truck at the coal tipple when he went to dump a load of coal. He weighed, dumped the coal, came back to weigh again, then called her in the scale house and they weighed the truck without her. From what I hear it was one miserable ride back to the barn in the old Mack after he told her how much she weighed.

Any truck scale can weigh your car. The ones at the truck stop charge a fee. A coal tipple or concrete place or fertilize place and some wood yards will have scales that they might weigh you FOC.



Look for the information plate for your car or truck. Domestic cars usually put them in the driver’s side door jamb. My Toyota Supra put it in the glove box. They typically give gross vehicle weight, capacity, gross weight for each axle, and tire pressures for each tire.


Do a net search on sites like Edmunds or type in “make and specifications”.
There should be something available on the net.

If you live in a farming area a lot of the farmers coops leave their scales on 24/7 and one can use it for free although I’d hit it after hours so as not to interfere with business they’re conducting.

There’s one a few blocks from me (I live in an outlying rural town) and one can simply drive on there anytime and read the digital scale without even getting out of the car.


Curb weight is what you are looking for. Full fuel etc but not passengers or luggage.
CReports weighs their test cars and publishes in magazine.
Car&Driver and such usually list specifications including curb weight on featured cars.
MotorCraft home site had curb weights of Ford products.
Google your car make and year.