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Weak Windshield Wiper

About 2 years ago the driverside wiper on our '02 Windstar began lifting at speeds over 65 mph making wet weather driving scary for my wife, particularly on the rainy two day drive when we were moving from Texas to Illinois (I was in the UHAUL van!) Sinc then it has only become worse. I tried several different wiper blades…no luck. Last week I had to find a replacement (salvage yard) because the spline in the arm stripped. The replacement is no better. I tried to find a way to increase the spring tension…no luck. My next step is to fabricate a “spoiler” to rivet to the arm, hoping to create more downforce for the wiper. Any suggestions?

Different wiper blades won’t help. It needs a wiper arm. I recommend getting a new one - used ones have as much chance of being weak as your used one did.

I agree with Shadow, however a shorter blade helps as well. My car came with a 26" blade on the driver’s side and a 17" blade on the passenger’s side. I use a 24" blade on the driver’s side and a 16" blade on the passenger’s side and it raises the “takeoff speed” of the blades by about 10mph.