We are Flooding out


I have a 90 model Ford Ranger 2.9L Engine. Engine is flooding out. Changed Oxagen and Map sincers and it is still flooding out> What else could cause it to keep doing this? Please Help!!


So what are the symptoms? Are you absolutely SURE it’s flooding out due to a fuel problem?

Flooding out means ragged running, especially when hot, and belching black smoke.
If this is the case then you may have a leaking fuel pressure regulator.
Other possibilities could be injector related (sticking) or not pulsing as they should, which could be related to the below mentioned problem.

Depending on the symptoms, etc., you may also have a bad ignition module. Your vehicle should be a TFI-IV truck and faulty modules can mimic all types of fuel related problems; flooding, cutting out, stumbling, and just flat out quitting.


Along with the items OK4450 posted I would also recommend checking the ECT (Engine Coolant Temp) sensor. This sensor tells the computer the temperature of the coolant for proper fuel air mixture. If it tells the computer the car is always cold it will cause it to flood out. Note this is not the sensor for the temperature gauge.


A broken fuel injector or an O-ring seal on a throttle body injector.