I have a 1994 Ford Ranger, the headlights are kind of a cloudy yellowish color…my question is has anyone used the “Meguiars Plastx” wax on their headlights and does it work? Thank You.


Before using any wax you’ll need to polish the surface, remove the oxidized layer. Any mild abrasive in suspension will work. I’ve had excellent success using regular automotive polishing compound with a drill mounted buffing pad and lots of water.


Hi, the same mountainbike. Sorry I am unfamiliar…any mild abrasive suspension…meaning? Also I don’t have a drill can hand waxing and pre-treating the headlights by hand work, and one last thing as you have probably guessed I’m not much of a handyman…is the oxidized layer on the inside or out? Once again, Thank You.


Polishing compound. Or the more abrasive rubbing compound. Yes, you can do it by hand, you’ll need plenty of elbow grease. The oxidation is on the outside.


Buy a product sold to that use. Follow the instructions on the package. I would look for one that only requires cleaning and applying the fluid first. That may work and save you work. If it does not work, then go for one that requires polishing the plastic, and write to your US representatives and ask that they change the law back to the sealed beam days so we don’t have this expensive foolishness.


I am beginning to wonder about the plastic polishes on the market.

I used a product called (I think it is) Blue Coral for years and it helped a little but was no miracle. Recently, with the popularity of headlights with clear plastic covers that face upward into direct sunlight (a stupid and unattractive design, in my opinion), there are a whole array of plastic polishes on the market. Most of them seem to have ammonia in them, which is great for brass polish, but I am not so sure it is good for plastic.

It seems to me that immediately after being polished, the covers look good, but the discoloration and clouding occurs much more quickly and worse soon after polishing. Have others observed this?

I care for a whole fleet of high-mileage cars for the extended family and have probably tried every product there is, some of them for many years. I am beginning to think that the best thing is to put good old Armor All on the covers when you buy the car new and re-treat them after every car wash.