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Water running into carb-1985 f350 4Door 351 cu in

hey guys…

in the above truck, any water that runs down the back edge of the hood drips onto the breather cover.

there was a factory pc that diverted the drips, it had deteriorated away and did not divert the water any longer. I fabbed a replacement and attached and sealed it.

during heavy rain water still manages to overflow it and drip onto the breather/carb cover.

there were two holes in the cover that allowed the water to get into the carb, I sealed and plugged the two holes, but I still think that the water could infiltrate the carb thru the bottom of the wingnut that secures the cover.

does any one have experience with this?

poor design?


the drip edges on the side of the hood seem to allow all water to run under the hood as well.

I really don t have a clear question, but all clear solutions are welcome…

Put a fender washer under the wing nut.

good thought. have you seen this before , Rod?

Can you post a photo that shows what you’re talking about? I’m having trouble seeing it. What ‘breather’?

sorry texases…
I m lucky to be able to type and google… posting a pic is beyond my ken…

it s the round thingy that sit s atop the carb and holds the air filter…, not to get too technical…

Oh, ‘breather’ = air cleaner. Not clear to me how water’s getting on it, but I’ve seen air cleaner washers (to go under the wing nut) that are metal on the top side, rubber on the bottom. That might help.

the water is running from the windshield end of the hood, down thru the back edge of the hood and directly onto the air cleaner cover, the center of which is almost directly under the back edge of the hood.

it is concave at the top and the water sits on the air cleaner cover.

there were two open holes in the cover thru which the water flowed down and soaked the air filter and went into the carb, but I plugged them which I hope will solve most of my problem.

I have my eye out for a rubber backed washer…, thanks

Don’t you have an open area at the base of the windshield where air is taken into the passenger compartment? That area also has a drain that can get plugged, maybe causing your problem.