2002 Ford Focus - Leaks

When it rains, water enters the front passenger side through a gap in front of the windshield. I’ve been told the fix is 1) replace a bad cowl, or B) clear a drain clogged with debris. How do I fix this problem? Thanks.

First, I would look for a clogged AC drain. It should be in the engine compartment on the firewall, passenger side. This picture is NOT from a Focus, but is similar to what you are looking for. Usually you can clear it with your finger, but may require something like a small bottle brush.

Thanks, that might be the drain I’ve heard about. Until now, I didn’t have any idea what it looked like.


Does it matter that I rarely use the a/c?


No, water from rain or car washes will collect in the AC and overflow into the passenger compartment. I had a clogged drain, had at least a quart of water come in while sitting in my car going through a brushless wash.

I’ll clean the drain.