Water pump

How much should it cost to replace water pump in a Chrysler 2001 Voyager? Was quoted $500 which seems quite high to me.

need more info about the van

It’s all labor. Most transverse mounted engines are a pain to work on… $500 doesn’t seem out of line to me.

Your info is misleading…a Voyager is a Plymouth, not a Chrysler, and they didn’t make a Voyager by 2001.

Anyway, your price is off too. If it’s a 6 cylinder, the price is high by twice as much. These are very easy pumps to do, new pump, coolant, and labor should be about $200.

If it’s a 4 cylinder, the price is too low. This involves replacing the timing belt and is a difficult pump to replace. I’d expect $600-$700.

Also, additional items like replacing hoses, belts, thermostats, can add $ to the bill.