Water on passenger side floor board only when ac is on

i have a 2008 Dodge Advenger and alot of water will collect when the ac unit is on. it will only do it when the car is moving, not sitting still. i let the car idle for 20 minutes and not one drip but if u drive it, then the leak hits the passenger side floor board.

The A/C evaporator drain hose is plugged up. Clean it out, unplug it.

Yea, likely the drain hose. Usually the hose comes out under the car about where the passenger puts their feet. Some string trimmer line or a little compressed air usually will clean it up. Don’t overdo either the trimmer line or the compressed air or you could create a larger problem.

the recommendations worked perfect. ifound the hose,used the weed eater string and a ton of water came running out. thank you. one less thing on the honey do list…

Thanks for letting us know it worked out. Glad it worked for you.