Water Noise

Sounds like there is a half full 2liter of water sloshing around under the drivers side hood or dash area. Took it to a body shop they took the dash out, nothing. took it to a garage he checked the drains nothing, pretty sure not the heater coil. What could it be?

Thanks guys.

Stephen Dearing

I’d take it to someone else and have them clean the drains AGAIN, but don’t let them remove the dash again! It’s one of the water drains, no doubt about this one. I’m guessing it’s the drivers side cowl drain which is probably the one you already had them check, but CHECK IT AGAIN. They may think they are clean and they may look clean, but there is probably junk stuck farther up than where they can see. The proper way to check them to see if they really are clear is to actually pour water into the cowl area and see IF IT ACTUALLY RUNS OUT OF THE DRAIN! If you pour a gallon in the top you should see about a gallon run out of the drain. You can do this yourself at home. If it turns out not to be the left cowl drain, check the drivers door drains and the left front fender drains. You can also check and clean these yourself.