Water leaking under dash, '00 Impala



Recently bought used '00 Impala with 150K miles. Had been fixed after wreck several yrs. ago - was not totaled. Saw paperwork for repair. Heater fan quit on me and was wet when removed. Mechanic replaced fan motor and cleaned out heater drain hose. Still leaks out of heater fan motor.

I let the thing dry out with no AC on for several days. Ran the AC, and it dripped. Let it dry out again for several days with no AC. Poured buckets of water down the windshield. Dripped again from the heater fan motor with no AC running.

Something is plugged. How can I find out where all the drain holes are that might be causing this leak?


The heater A/C air box has a drain tube that exits the firewall about half-way down, maybe a little more, right in front of the passenger side foot-well. Pull back the carpet and padding where it slips behind the heater duct on the passenger side and you will see the INSIDE part of the drain tube. Sometimes, a surprising amount of sediment and debris can collect in the airbox, making a permanent fix difficult. You get it opened up, but a few days later it plugs up again…