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Hot, noisy & wet

I’ll try to keep this brief: I have a 2000 Impala w/ approximately 105,000 miles. Here are my problem areas:

1. The fan motor does not operate on speeds 1 or 2 in any mode (a/c, defrost, vent, etc).

2. When the fan is running (speed 3 or higher), it makes a horrible “chirping, squealing” sound.

3. Sometimes, following heavy rains, I get in the car only to find the front passenger floor area submerged in 1"+ oof water… (yes, I do have a sunroof & no I hardly ever open it)…

Please help! I commute 600+ miles/week and this has been the hottest, noisiest & wettest summer ever!


  1. Replace the blower motor resistor pac.

  2. Replace the blower motor

  3. Have the windshield wiper trough at the base of the windshield inspected for accumlated debris/rusted metal/seperating-misapplied body seam sealer.


I would add to Testers great list:

  1. Make sure the sunroof drain is clear. Very careful compressed air or careful use of string trimmer line, can clear those drains. Sunroofs rely on drains not seals to prevent leaks. They never seal 100%.

I am fairly sure that 2000 Impalas did not come with factory sunroof, and therefore it is probably a aftermarket unit.

What Tester, and Joseph said, additionally has the cabin air filter ever been changed? If not I guess you have a pile of compost under the windshield plastic grill. You can replace it, and clean out the debris when you are performing #3 on Testers list.

Thanks Tester, Joseph & americar for the quick replies & helpful insight! I will definitely try to tackle your advice one step at a time. Anything suggested that I should just let the dealer/mechanic handle, or would you consider it pretty much DIY work? I’m pretty confident I can swap out the blower motor & resistor (once I determine where to get the replacements). As far as the seam selaer, sunroof drain, and cabin air filter on the other hand…not so sure? I couldn’t help but notice a slew of similar Impala stories when I searched this problem on Google - seems like everyone said their blower motor was rusted out/burnt out due to leaky windshield/seam issues… sounds like a design/install flaw. Thanks again!

Posted this a year ago All the photos are from my Y2K Impala. If that rubber gasket above the cabin filter gets to much derbis on it it could dam up the water possibly causing water to pour onto the filter and into the blower section.

If you do replace the cabin filter yourself vacuum out all the debris from on top of the filter first before removing, so not to dump the debris on top of the filter into the blower

If you decide to replace the blower motor and resistors one at a time, replace the motor first or you might quickly burn-out the new resistors.

Those pics are going to be very helpful - thanks. Question: in picture HPIM0308, is the black rubber seal above the blower motor the seal I should be looking at as far as water penetration issues?

If the water is getting into the blower section then that would be the seal I would think water could get past. When replacing the cabin filter I remove that seal and completely cleaned all the dirt, and grit off, before re attaching it. Then I check for leaks by pouring water down the windshield with a pitcher of water.

I do not know if this is the seal Tester is talking about or what kind of sealer is used, maybe he can chime back in

Do I have to remove the wipers in order to remove plastic windshield grill to access the filter(s)? And, once removed, what type of sealant should be used to re-attach the windshield seal?