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Water leaking in

I have a 2000 suburan that’s leaking from above the fuse box area. I have a sun roof.I have had it to 2 different body shops and they couldn’t find any leaks. They said they would have to tear out the whole headliner to see.It seems that when it really pours out that’s when it happens the most. Done the hose tests. I give up?Anyone help me?

Its not a terrible job to remove the headliner.This must be a aftermarket sunroff? Forgive me but I can’t picture a sunroff over a fuse box.(end of dash drivers side?) If so it could be running down the “A” pillar (where the grip handels are).Get a shop estimate time for headliner removal and post back.I have a hard time telling another mechanic what he should work for,but if I recall correctly warranty time wasn’t much above 3hrs.It was just hard keeping everything clean as its easy to get grease or even oil from your hands on the headliner material.I would do it for 6hrs whatever that means to you.But then you have to pay to fix the leak.extra

have they checked to see if it is leaking into the cowl and running down into the interior? Are you sure it isn’t the windshield leaking?