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Water in trunk


I have a 1997 subru legacy sedan and my tunk keeps getting water in it. when I open the trunk it has condensation coming it seems from the inside of the trunk lid. I checked the seals they seem ok. I noticed I don’t have a pad for the trunk door could that be the cause? Thanks, Cindy

Using a trusted assistant,get in the trunk,bring a flashlight with you,close the trunk and have your assistant spray water on the area,you probably mean trunk floor when you speak of a missing pad? either way I don’t think it is a issue.

Also look for leaks from the tail lights, rear window seals and even maybe a sun roof.

The auto body guy flipped open the trunk and looked up under it and said it needed a pad but the trunk floor is really soaked guess its been like that for awhile until someone told me the car smelled of mildew and thats when I found out when I opened the trunk and everything ecept for the sides were soaked! I live in NH and its really cold here maybe I should take it a mechanic and let him get in the trunkHah thank you for the advice.