Water in oil

i have a 2002 pontiac grand am 3.4 liter auto was loosing water but seen no leaks checked oil it is milkey and over full besides head gasket what else could be the problem?

Bad intake manifold gasket if your lucky. Or cracked head or cracked block if your not.

Lower intake gaskets are the most likely cause. You need to get this taken care of immediately to prevent severe damage to your engine. This is a common but labor intensive job. I used to do them for $500 parts and labor all day long and was the cheapest in town.

How long has this leak been occuring?

If it’s been for a long period of time the possibilty exists that engine damage has already occured at the rod and main bearings. When I replace these intake manifold gaskets, I let the owner know that engine damage may have already occured, and might not show up until a week, a month, or three months after the repair is made. And on average, about 50% of the vehicles I’ve done this repair on revealed engine damage at a later time.