Water and oil mixed

i got an 2001 Dodge Intrepid, my oil is milky. Could it be a head/head gasket problem which i don’t want, or could it be something less expensive?

it sounds like it is the more expensive option for you, sorry.

but have it towed to a mechanic they can troubleshoot it, to see just what is wrong.

Unless this unit has an oil cooler in which oil and coolant could mix, a head/head gasket is the cheap fix. A cracked block would be the costly repair.

You MAY have a breached intake manifold gasket. Have a coolant pressure test done to determine the location of the leak.

Keep an eye on the coolant reservoir. If it drops steadily and you DO NOT see any outside leak, the coolant may be mixing with the engine oil.

Continued driving when coolant and oil mix is inviting disaster.

Just to have a little more information, is this a V6 or I4?

2.7 V6

thats what i’m thinking could be the problem, usally when you have a head problem you will see steam or smoke out the tail. i didnt see anything

More than likely it’s a intake gasket leaking not a head gasket. Have the cooling system pressure tested to isolate where the leak is.

yea i’m hoping thats what it is, it’ll be cheaper than the head.