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Water in my oil stick

I have a nissan Truck 1993, it overheat one day and I packed it when I check the oil I find that the oil stick has some water in it. What can I do to fixed this problems. I talk to a mechanic and he told me I have blow head gasket. Is there any way to fix this with a liquid sillant or what do you advice

New headgasket. That’s the only thing that’ll truely work.

However, on a '93, if it’s as tired as most '93s, I couldn’t fault you for trying some additive from the parts store. It’d probably cost you more to have the headgasket replaced than you can justify putting into the truck.

If you want to try a cheap way to fix a head gasket leak, contact you local pharmacy and order a bottle of sodium silicate. About $25.00.

Pour the soduim silicate into the radiator, add some coolant and start the engine.

You can read how sodium silicate works here.