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1993 Toyota Pick up 2.4 l

I just bought the truck for 500 and its been sitting for 2 years. I was changing fluids and was looking in the radiator and theres a milky oily build up inside. Does this definitely mean my head gasket is blown or could it be something else?

It could be 18 years worth of normal build-up…Get it running, flush the rediator and see what happens before you start pulling the head off…

Thats what i was thinking. Can i use water to flush it out or do i really need to buy a radiator flush product

If it’s and auto trans it could be trans fluid from a cracked trans cooler in the radiator. I agree flush it out good and then check for oil or trans fluid. then make the call from there.

If you change the oil and run the engine and still have mixing, try “Blue Devil.” I’m a huge fan because it saved my 22RE when I was 2000 miles from home. I had water in the oil bad and coolant going out the exhaust valves too. You just have to follow the instructions exactly. It cost me 60 bucks for one quart bottle though. My 2 cents…