Head Gasket Leaking

I’ve recently had problems with my 93 Buick. The over flow for the radiator keeps leaking? when I drive any long distance, such as 50 miles or so. I had the heater core replaced, but still, after a long trip, the over flow tank is empty or nearly empty. When I took the car back to the mechanic he said that the head gasket seemed to have a small leak. I am unable to have the head gaskets replaced. The mechanic here in my (tiny) town said someone told him about a product called ‘B Glass’ that you spray on the outside and it will stop the leak. Has anyone heard of this product? He mentioned getting it at a certain Pharmacy in town. Has anyone heard of this product. I’m not sure about the spelling of it.

Would appreciate any feed back.

Perhaps he’s referring to water glass or sodium silicate. However, at best it’s a temporary measure. I wouldn’t bother. Also, you don’t spray in on from the outside. It circulates with the coolant, “finds” the leak and plugs it from the inside.

I suspect Alan is right. You can find such additives at any parts store. On a late model vehicle I’d recommend against such a measure, however on an old vehicle like a '93 Buick it may be worth a shot. Just realize that it’s only at best a temporary solution to squeeze some extra life out of an old car. It isn’t really a permanent fix.

My recommendation: try an additve for a temporary measure and start thinking about replacing the vehicle.

You might need a new radiator. Your car is the right age for the cooling fins to start rotting off.

Alan is probably correct. Your mechanic probably recommended water glass or sodium silicate. Also known as concrete sealer. Sodium silicate is a liquid until it contacts air. Then it dries hard and clear like glass. Used it once on a slant 6 dart to move it about 60 miles. Car had been left sitting all winter with just water in it. Cracked the block between the freeze plugs. The water glass sealed it up and I drove it home. Wouldn’t recommend it to repair a head gasket leak in a car with any value.
~Michael (dartman69)

not easy to install this product either, must remove all coolant, water only and thermostat as well, run water only and add the product. After it has sealed the water must be mixed with antifreeze again and thermostat re installed. Not as simple as just adding a stop leak. I would get a second opinion on the cause though.