Water in my gas

I went through an automatic car wash with my gas cap off. What should I do?

What kind of car? Where’s the gas filler located? How much gas did you have in your tank when you did this? Does your filler have a “flapper” which precludes things from going in to the filler neck? How’s the car running now? When did you do this? How many miles since you noticed? Details. Rocketman

2007 Buick LaCross, I just filled it up and the tank was full, no it doesn’t have flapper, did it yesterday afternoon and have driven maybe 5 miles.

Go to an auto parts store and buy a bottle of Dri-gas, or some other brand. There are many brands and they are all the same. These products absorb water. Pour the Dri-gas in your gas tank, put the cap back on, and don’t worry.

There’s no way enough water got in to do any damage. The Dri-gas will absorb the small amount of water that may have gotten into the tank, and there will be no problems.