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Left gas cap off through car wash

Here’s the embarassing situation:

I was driving home and decided to fill my gas tank, get a car wash, and check my tire pressure.

After filling up my gas tank, I went through the car wash.

When I was finished with the car wash, I went around to check my tire pressure when I realized that I had, quite idiotically, left the gas cap off.

What should I do now? Clearly the owner’s guide doesnt’ address this situation.

I have a 2004 Chrysler pt cruiser, 95,000 miles and live in Minneapolis, MN (where it goes below freezing at night).

I’d like to mention that I’m usually pretty competent in life, just really tired tonight.


If you drove home without a problem then likely you won’t have a problem with the driving. You can add some dry gas(anhydrous alcohol) in the tank to help get the water out. With the winter gas, the alcohol already present might be enough to get out the water over several fill-ups. Otherwise, you’ll have to drop the tank and clean it out.

What should I do now?

Flog yourself for the next 3 days and have a diet of bread and water. If you don’t feel bad enough, do it again.

Aside from any detergent aspect (which I don’t have cause to think will be a problem), as was said, the ethanol content should manage any water.

I also think the dry gas is enough and you are to be complimented on not trying to say it is the car washes fault or the fault of a system in your car that should have warned you your gas cap was open.

Most likely not enough water got in to cause any problems. Run some dry gas through to be safe.

Thank you everyone! I will pick up some dri-gas and use that today.

I really appreciate your advice.