Water damage

i have a 2001 acura integra GS-R. we got some serious rain and i drove throgh a deep puddle to where water was in the floor boards. the car did not stall out. i parked and started it up 3 hours later and drove home. next morning the car would not start. The air filter was wet. I removed the spark plugs and cranked the engine to try and expell water. Changed the air filter, oil, oil filter and spark plugs. the car starts but not right away and there is lag when driving especially when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. Any ideas of what is wrong and how to fix it thanks

Is there a check engine light on?

Also did the engine actually expel water with the plugs off? If it did expel some water, is not compressible and causes some serious internal damage.

the check engine light is not on. with the plugs off i did not see any water come out only the gas. also i did not see any standing water when i looked in it with a flashlight. i just went out to try and start it again and it took a long time to start and shut off on me if i let the rpms drop to idle. up until now when it started it would idle without shuting off

can anyone help me please?

You need three things to start the car. Spark (not for diesels) compression and fuel.

You are missing one of the above. I would start by checking for spark. Buy a new spark plug (yea just one, just like the ones in the car) and pull one spark plug wire off and put the new spark plug on the wire (note don’t damage the spark plug wire by pulling it off wrong) and hold the plug threads tight against the engine block at night or in a dark garage, Have someone hit the starter and see if you get a bright blue spark. If not you found the problem, if yes they you have eliminated spark from the list.