Washing frozen windshield

We recently moved to Colorado. When we get in the car and the temperature is in the single digits we scrape the windshield first. But, while driving, the windshield get dirty and we try to use the windshield washer to clean it but it freezes on the windshield before the wipers have a chance to clean it away. How can we wash the windshield while driving under these dtriving conditions?

Most likely you have extra water in your windshield washer reservoir. Make sure you are putting in -20 or -25 degree stuff. Run as much as the old out first or siphon it out and start over.

Use the windshield washers liberally when the weather is warmer, to ensure the good stuff is in the feeder hoses to the nozzle.

Usually, if cleared, the nozzles will warm up enough to start working again. It may take some time in the colder weather we have.

in addition to the washer fluid that’s meant to work in below freezing temps, run your defrost on high heat. It’ll warm the windshield and melt the ice layer.

First, make certain there is no water in the washer system AT ALL.

Drain the washer reservoir and refill with the best/strongest washer fluid available and work it through the washer system until there is NO water left.

When topping the fluid up (Not wise to use all the fluid) in the reservoir, (The pump in the reservoir isn’t set at the very bottom) make sure to use the same strength fluid.

The washer fluid may clean off the windsheild but will freeze UNLESS you have the defroster on high during warmup AND the glass is starting to thaw the ice.

I use winter washer fluid year round in both my vehicles ('04 Matrix and a '02 Tahoe) even when we tow the travel trailer to SC in the spring and fall. I don’t allow the
hotter temps to change my mind.

Where did you move from? Did you have winter or summer washer fluid in the system?

Make sure your car is good and warmed up before attempting to wash the w/s also. Your defrost needs to be putting out good heat.