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Frozen wipers

what’s the best way to unstick wipers that are frozen to the windshield

I use my windshield scraper to lightly tap the wiper blades until they break free.

I try to remember to lift the wipers away from the windshield if snow and/or ice is in the forecast. I see many other vehicles parked this way, too, with their wipers sticking out. This makes scraping the windshield much easier and prevents the wipers from freezing to the windshield.

We want a method that doesn’t damage the rubber wipers or the glass,so throwing hot water on the glass is out. Perhaps large amounts of washer fluid,perhaps a device that blows hot air (12V hair drier) Maybe proping the wipers up (so they dont contact glass would have been best)

Perhaps alcohol.

Water at say 50?  is not going to damage the glass, but it will melt the ice.


Small news story today,guy threw a cup of water in the air,it froze mid-air (in Minn.)thats why I suggested washer fluid,I could see that 50 degree water complicating things.

prestone deicer in a spray can .

Prestone or any type of deicer in the spray can. If you’ve never tried it before, you’ll be simply amazed at what that 5 dollar can of deicer can thaw out. It really works, it’s also good for spraying on winshields that have a layer of ice on them. It clears it off after a couple of minutes.

I find that hard to believe, video or it didn’t happen.

It happened Faux News would not lie,guy threw a cup of water in the air,it froze before it hit the ground,turned into a mist.They provided video,not the first time I have seen this.

Beleieve it, my friend. Been there, done that. Lived in North Dakota for three years.

Remember that when you throw the water in the air it becomes small droplets (large surface area per volume) that dissipate their heat very quickly and freeze. Especially in 30 or 40 degrees below zero!

Why ignore the first 2 posts, I agree with them and have not damaged my wipers. The easiest solution is the best. After I loosen the wiper blades I give them a few whacks on the windshield to bust off the ice.

Unsticking the wipers is only half the story. To keep ice/snow off the superstructure of the wiper install winter blades. A rubber boot covers the wiper and breaking the ice off is a piece of cake so even in a snow storm, clean glass.

Why would waterboy call me a liar?

You are one of the great assets to this board, I lived in grand fork ND and have been in 46 below real temp, and won’t believe the story unless I see video.

Everyone has an opinion, but the OP hasn’t posted back. Who are we talking to?

Each other.

What’s the point?

Years ago ANCO used the term superstructure to illustrate the part that held the blade. Today they use the word frame. If you believe winter blades are garbage, then thats ok, after all, it is a semi free country but others know the benefits of the design in icy conditions.
Also be mindful that in the English language different words or terms are used that may not be perfect by definition but are perfect to be used as an illustration or to get a point across.

I am sure you did not realize these things since from your nasty diatribe you are lacking in maturity and knowledge.

C’mon . . this is easy . . . tap the wipers with your scraper and lift them away from the glass, then tap them again to get the ice off the blades. Easy, I do it almost every time it snows or ice is on my windshield. Rocketman

We scared her off,if you were new to the Forum and you read how the thread is going,they probably said …goodbye