Was in a collision and wondering what kinda damage Im looking at

So I was in a collision yesterday (i was in the black car) the physical damage to the body isnt TOO bad and I know a body shop can fix that. But what Im wondering about is is place like Maaco going to or able to fix that front wheel damage too? (as you can see its kinda bent in) and Im wondering if that damage is just to the wheel itself or are we also maybe looking at a bent/broken axel? If I turn the wheels with the steering wheel they turn jut fine and I was able to drive the car to a safe location out of the intersection it was hit in. So Im guessing if there was an axel issue I wouldn’t be able to turn the wheels or drive it right? Also Im gonna find out myself tomorrow but ballpark how much would you say we’re looking at to fix all that damage? Its a Ford Taurus X 2008 btw

Impossible to predict based on a single photo with no idea of underlying damage.

You wrote that you have a body shop you intend to use. Let them do what they do. I really don’t understand why anyone would expect an accurate estimate from a picture on the web when the only way is an in person exam.

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you must not have read the whole post. Its called a BODY shop as we both know, thus I know theyll fix the BODY damage. my question was will they also fix the bent wheel and or axel (if applicable) too or will i have to to take it elsewhere to get that done, and if so which one should be done first, now if you could TELL me how much that MIGHT cost thats fine but that wasnt the main point/purpose of the post. Thanks for only focusing on/paying attention to one sentence in an entire paragraph though.

The body shop will take care of the wheel damage in their shop or send it to a place that does. And with out seeing the wheel in person an estimate can not be made . Even if someone does give you a price over the web it is meaningless.

ok well that as the main question. I was wondering if WHEEL damage is considered to be BODY damage or not i wanted to know if a body shop would take care of that and or if I have to take it to two different places to get the necessary repairs done.

A). The “body shop” you mentioned is a place the can repair the body damage but is primarily a place to get a cheap paint job on a vehicle you plan to sell.
B) If the damage to the rim is just scratches to the coating on the rim, I believe there are facilities that specialize in restoration of wheels, but most likely would have to be shipped to them.
C). If rim is bent, NO, demand a new wheel. I would not trust, if even possible, straightening an aluminum wheel.
D). Until you get it evaluated by a quality shop, who knows?

Take a look at the cars the shop has staged in their parking lot. If they are all there for cosmetic paint they probably do not have the ability to fix the wheel and suspension damage. If the cars are in various states of collision damage they are probably able to handle the entire job.

well the wheel dam,age isnt just scratches on the rim/coating, the top end of the wheel is going slanted into/under the hood whereas the bottom half is shifted/slanting outward, thus that wheel is no longer touching the ground evenly. but as i said the car is still driveable an the front wheels still turn if i turn the steering wheels in either direction. So im wondering if that tire just needs to be readjusted (or changed completely) or if something else may have been damaged too. I have more pics but I can unfortunately only post one here. As for the shop itself their website seems to suggest they do more than just paint

You don’t state if you have full coverage insurance or just liability. If you do have full coverage just let the insurance take care of everything. If you have been cited for damage to another person’s vehicle I hope you have notified your carrier.

I only have liability thus I know the costs to get it done will be coming out of my pockets, otherwise if I had full coverage I wouldn’t be worried about it and just let them handle it. As for damage to another person vehicle well as you can tell by where the damage is on the car Im driving it should be obvious that I was the one who was hit not the one who did the hitting. So if any thing another person did damage to MY vehicle lol

If the other person hit your vehicle then you should not have to pay for anything as their insurance should be taking care of this problem.

If the wheel is bent, the front suspension is very possibly damaged, too. Have it carefully examined by a pro.

Id have to disagree in this case. We were in a private parking lot at a 2 way stop I had the stop sign the other driver did not, thus they had the right of way. I stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways saw nothing (there was also a semi/big rig parked to the left which is where the other driver came from and I couldn’t really see around it. I drove up more until I could try to see around it and when I did that it when I got hit). Now she claims I ran the stop sign which I didnt she just probably THINKS I did because she couldn’t see me (just like I couldn’t see her) stopped at the stop sign behind said big rig/truck. So since I ad a stop sign and she didnt. I cant think of any reason why her insurance would pay for my damage, if they do good but Im not expecting it because of what I just said.

Also insuranewise on my end. the vehicle I was driving is insured but it isnt my vehicle and my name isnt on the insurance, the person who owns its name is, they just let me drive it because they have two and obviously cant drive both at the same time sooooo. I myself personally have no insurance at all, but I didnt mention that I just called the vehicle owner (since it was literally right around the corner) and he exchanged insurance info and stuff with the other driver plus my license etc etc, also the police wont get involved or do an incident report because it happened on private property. So Im hoping I just dodged a bullet, but Im not expecting insurance to do anything at all based on the facts I just stated. Thus whatever is done is definitely coming out of my pockets

As to whether MAACO or any other place can fix it, and how much it’ll cost, you’re asking the wrong people. Ask them directly.

Why so many people ask strangers on the internet rather than the shops directly is beyond my ability to understand. :crazy_face:


Now that you have let it be known that this is not your vehicle the only person you should be talking to is the owner of the vehicle. They might not even want you to take it to a shop without their approval. Also if this is the same vehicle that you asked about transmission slipping that also should be discussed with the owner.

Now you have another variable, what does the owner of the Taurus expect.

Based on your side of the accident you might find out if there are security cameras at the parking lot and if recordings support your side of the story…small claims court?

well i would ask them directly if they weren’t currently closed lol. As for why ppl ask “strangers on the internet” because a stranger on the internet who either has done body work to as car or has had body work done to their car before would h ave SOME idea of how much it MIGHT cost based on their EXPERIENCE over a person who has no clue and is dealing with this for the first time? Also now obviously the ppl doing repairs would give a bitter estimate but theyre not available to ask right now. So lets say you told me it would cost $2000 and when I go to Maaco they say $3000, or you weer wrong but at least cased on what you said I had SOME idea of the price range (even if it was a whole 1000 off) over having no clue at all what I might be looking at having to pay, I might be thinking its gonna cost $10000+ (at that case I may as well buy a new car lol) so hearing $2000 might at least make me feel a bit better until I get an actual estimate.

nope I used to work in that parking lot (well the businesses in it should i saw) and know where ALL the camera are, theres no cameras that record parking lot footage, so it would just be my word against the other driver’s

All thats been done. His philosophy is basically “You drive it, you fix it” He doesnt care if it does or doesnt get fixed as he has another car he drives and doesnt drive that one, so anything that needs to be done to it (whether cause by me or not) is my problem if I want to have access to a vehicle to drive.