Was in a collision and wondering what kinda damage Im looking at

Starting at a body shop is a mistake. With the front wheel slanted, you start at a frame and alignment shop.

an instance of one moving object or person striking violently against another.


Your’s looks like a “love tap”

love tap
The (sometimes) gentle nudge of the car behind and/or in front of you that occurs in the process of good solo parallel parking.

even more reason why a collision shop should easily be able to fix it and it should be very cheap then right? Also that love tap was enough to push my SUV out of teh straight position is was facing and instead turning it to the right… just sayin

probably first thing is put it up on a lift or alignment rack. You could jack it up and crawl under there but you’d only notice stuff if it was really bent out of shape. While it’s up on the jack shake the wheel left to right and top to bottom if it is solid …I’d at least feel ok to drive it.

look see if the wheel is centered in the fender opening and compare it to the other side. if not then things could be bent.

Have someone follow you and see if it dogtracks.

This indicates the need for alignment to be checked and underlying bent or broken components to be fixed or replaced. Once alignment is OK, body work is next.

oh yeah I didn’t see that post. your upper control arm might need replacement. or more parts.

edit – no upper control arm on your vehicle (front)

passenger side wheel shown.

The proper term is Collision Repair Shop.

You see what I did there?

Collision Repair Shop = they fix anything that is caused by a collision
Collision = your vehicle being hit by another vehicle, regardless to how extensive or minimal the damage is
the damage sustained to my car was a result of the collision thus by definition and title yes they SHOULD fix that. however the sites only mention body, and paint etc etc nowhere anywhere are tires mentioned nor the outer interior of the car (like an axel, suspension or upper control arm). So no, I dont see what you did there.

While you and I seem to have the same logic theres nothing on their sites that support that and since I cant ask them myself until monday I figured Id ask here incase someone might know. Had this happened during normal business hours (you know cause people only get into accidents mon-fri 7am-4pm apparently) then this thread wouldnt even exist

When a wheel gets bent in a collision often other suspension or steering components get damaged. Wheel hubs, control arms, etc, etc. Without a hands on inspection I can’t tell you what the vehicle needs.

The problems with body./collision/whatever shops is that while the guys may be decent with panel repairs and paint many are lacking knowledge in the mechanical facet of the repairs which include the suspension and steering components I mentioned.