2005 Toyota Corolla Alternator Replacement

My alternator died and the service center charging me $987 for a remanufactured alternator. Getting ripped?

Rock Auto sells a reman alternator for around $100, before core charge.

Even factoring in labor… this seems a little high.

Is there any other work being done?



I replaced one in my Corolla a while ago and it took me around an hour. The hardest part was to remove the serpentine belt.The alternator was around $ 150.

We have no idea where you live. Hourly wage rates vary quite a bit across the USA. Even at that, this seems like the shop owner has a boat payment due and younare making it for him.

A payment for this one.


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They are replacing the belt in the process that costs $98. I was in the middle of the work commute when it died. Could not afford to take risk and the service center took full advantage of it. Usually, they count the diagnostics in. I think they kept separate.

I am in DC metro area. This really sucks.

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Serpentine belt replacement is only the cost of materials. They have to remove it to get at the alternator anyway. I’m sure the belt is much less than $98. I live in the same area and those prices are outrageous.

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I’d consider filing a complaint with the State agency that licenses motor vehicle repair shops. If all they did was install a remanufactured alternator and a new serpentine belt, and they charged you almost $1,000, you are the victim of fraud.

He is in…

That is Mecca for fraud! :wink:

And not just in the auto repair field!

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I took delivery and the total was $1,065 :frowning: It is very disappointing. I was in a jam and had to go to work.

They make you sign and agree on the estimate before touching you car. And (a) I didn’t have an idea how much is reasonable, and (b) had little choice in my situation. A perfect candidate to rip off and they did it appears to me from everybody’s observation.

To me, it’s still fraud. They took advantage of you in a personally tense situation. How the hell are you supposed to know what they are talking about?

It would be fraud if the shop did not install the parts listed on the repair invoice. If a shop wants to charge $200 per hour for a routine repair is that fraud?

This is what I don’t understand. Every time I have taken a car to a professional mechanic, they diagnosed the problem and called me to discuss the recommended repairs and associated cost before doing them. If I did not wish to pay what the shop wanted to charge, or felt that the car was not worth the proposed work, then I simply paid for the diagnostic and drove/towed my car home. I have never heard of a shop expecting a signed agreement to pay for anything above the diagnostic labor time, just to look at the car.

Also, I have a 2004 Corolla, which is essentially the same car. I removed the alternator earlier this year when I replaced the serpentine belt, coolant hoses, and thermostat for proactive maintenance when the car reached 100,000 miles. It was not too difficult, and I only have a Chilton manual, not a real Toyota service manual.

you paid 1000 for a new alternator. and wonder if that is fair? or average? its done. will you feel worse if you find that the average is 500 in ohio? or new mexico?

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