Was 1999 a good year for Civics?

Is this a reliable, basically problem FREE year for a 1999 Honda Civic Coupe to buy used?

There is no free year for any old used vehicle regardless of brand. If there was the selling price would be astronomical .

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Civics tend to have better than average reliability, but you’re talking about a near 20 year old car. At that point the model becomes less important, and the way it’s been maintained over the years becomes more important.

@FoDaddy I agree; the make of a car is less important at that age than the care it has received so far. My mother in law sold her 1994 Cavalier, a mediocre car at best, but well cared for in 2014 and it ran well and the new owner was very happy with it.

A 1999 Civic has to be inspected by a competent mechanic and you need proof that the timing belt was changed on time.

Any 20 year old car without a pre-sale inspection is a real crapshoot!

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My 1999 Civic EX sedan is the best car I’ve ever had and is running great at 179,000+ miles. I have kept up with maintenance and occasional repairs and it’s time for another timing belt and water pump. Also brought it back from dead/totaled this past winter with mostly DIY work.

Downside is lots of old Civics have been neglected, misused and modified, usually badly. I wouldn’t buy any 1999 era Civic I see around these days.

Must have been the LeBron model.

In my part of the country, rust would be an issue on a car 19 years old. The first thing to check would be the undercarriage for rust.

Without knowing the particulars about a specific car, I’d just about guarantee you’ll have problems with a 1999 car. Whether they are many or few, minor or major remains to be determined.

If you want basically problem FREE then buy a car covered by warranty and have full coverage insurance that includes rental car coverage. Otherwise, reserve some money to go along with the 99 ANY CAR.
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Great car! An inspection is in order