2007 Honda Civic reliability?

How reliable are the 2007 civic sedans? I have a choice between 2006, 2007 and 2010

Why do people keep asking these type questions ? Just because some vehicles of a certain year had a few problems that most likely have been fixed doesn’t mean they all had the same problem. How hard is it to understand that each used vehicle needs to be inspected on it own merits.

13,12 and 9 year old used cars!

Absolutely impossible to evaluate based on year alone. Anything problematic on a 13 year old car has already been fixed or the car is in the scrapyard. Ask for service records. There should be a ton of it on cars this old.

The best thing for you to do is pay YOUR mechanic to give the car a once-over to determine its condition before you buy it. But any car a decade old is a crap-shoot. Might get a 7, might get snake-eyes!