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2015 Volkswagen Tiguan - Change oil but not filter?

ifi changed my oil every 10000 miles but i dont think they changed the oil fitler in 2 years can that cause my engine to die

Yes, that could lead to very serious–potentially fatal–engine problems.
What type of service facility (independent mechanic, chain operation, dealership) do you believe changed your oil, but failed to change the oil filter?
Also… how many months did it take to accumulate those 10k miles?
Are you sure that this interval fell within the manufacturer’s elapsed time limit for oil changes?

yes my oil is good for 10000 miles…but now my engine they said is dead i need a new on at 57000 miles and they want to charge me 12000 for a new one i have all warranties and an extended warranty but i was refuse by volkswagen which i still have powertrain coverage and fiditily extended warranty have no ide what to do

Your manual will read x number of miles or x number of months . I have a feeling you may have voided the warranty or let the oil level get to low. Engine died covers a lot of ground so without knowing what is listed as engine failure it is hard to offer advice. It may be best to find someone to install a used engine or a rebuilt for less then dealer price.

I change my oil at 5000 miles. I think 10,000 is too long. But if they are refusing to honor the warranty, they must have concluded either maintenance was not properly done, or there was some other abuse. What reason did they give? So it’s up the chain of command to get an answer for sure, then depending on the answer and comparing that to the fine print in the warranty, further action can be decided. But if they say oil changes at 7500 and you did them at 10,000, I think you lose regardless of what the writing on the container of oil says.

one thing with new vehicle having “oil monitor” is that monitor can tell oil still has some percentage of life left when maker’s time/mileage limits are already exceeded, potentially disqualifying warranty claims

one my coworker drives a lot and he is past his recommended 10K miles on his Honda, but oil monitor still shows 30% or so left on it.

I suggested to him he might void his warranty if he keeps driving like that, so he called his dealer and they told him he is “ok” as long as he brings the car to their service department before he gets below 10%.

I’m not sure if it was not a dealer who makes a service work, would it violate the warranty?

I might imagine it is perfectly legal to dismiss any claims if oil life indicator reading was not documented independently, so this situation becomes open for interpretations

in any case, if owner did not keep all the records and/or if records were not kept by his dealer, manufacturer would likely refuse to fix/replace engine under warranty

no i have 10000 for my oli change it has it because i use syntatic oil which is good for 10000 miles they are saying that my oil fitler wasnt changed since 2016 which i have no idea i bring it to the service station and always have it done there but that is what volkswagen service shop is telling me they say it is my fault and now they want to charge me 12000 to replace the engine i have 4 more months on this lease and 2500 more miles until my warranty goes out i pay for the extended warranty aslo

but i did drive the car into the shop and now they say my engine is no good

here is maintenance schedule for this car:

it is indeed 10K miles for oil/filter change interval

if you have paper records indicating you made that changes, you can argue you fulfilled your part of warranty obligations, if dealer refuses the coverage, it should be escalated to the VW corporate, contact number should be in vehicle manual

still, even if you have 100% compliant records, if during inspection they will find signs of oil starvation, warranty can be denied on the grounds of owner not checking the oil level periodically and not adding oil if level was lower than normal

i had my newest oil change at 50000 miles and i did get in touch with volkswagen and she ask for records of my oil changes which i sent to her but she said it wasnt enough because my vin number wasnt on the reciept but my mileage was and so was my plate number i ask many mechanics about the vin number and they all said that vin number doesnt have to be on records so they denied me also…it is funny because my car drove fine when i dropped it off at the volks shop and now they claim it doesnt even start

Failing to replace the oil filter according to the maintenance schedule is a serious oversight, did you review your invoices to see if your service provider was replacing the oil filter and using VW 502 spec. engine oil?

at this point you have to start being very careful tracing all communications to be in writing, including dates, names, etc…

presumably you can prove you did not transfer your license plate from one VW to another VW and your overall ownership period and you can provide some kind of proof from the DMV that VIN indeed corresponds to your license plate

this has to be brought to VW attention that their internal procedures might be in conflict with a law of your state, etc… and you will not simply swallow the cost, but will stand for your rights

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on my records it does say he changed oil filter and oil but the mechanic at volks wagen said that the oil fitler was changed when he did the oil change in 2016 at 11252 miles but there is no record of it on car fax and he has my vin number on the records he sent me i am so sick over this i have no idea of what to do

I would expect that the oil filter was replaced in 2016 and 4 more times since then.

Are they claiming that there are identifying marks on the oil filter that indicate that it is the filter that was installed in 2016?

these are the plates i got when i leased the car i think i should call a supervisior in volkswagen other then the women i was dealing with because she is the one that denied me i have no idea of what to do all the mechanics i spoke with said that my engine shouldnt be dead because of my oil fitler i dont understand any of this but i am doing my best to buy out the car in 4 months is 16000 and to have the engine is 12000 this isnt a rolls royce it is a volkswagen tiguan

and the extended warranty told me that i still am covered under volkswagen that they are the ones that supersided them go figure never get extended warranty

If you have records that show your oil and filter were changed every 10,000 miles, and that meets the VW maintenance requirements, then the dealer is incorrect, and you should not have to pay for the engine. You may need a lawyer to get this straightened out.

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Was the oil level ever checked between those 10k oil changes?

yes it was always good

Given that you drove the car to the dealer, as opposed to having it delivered on a tow truck, why are they telling you to replace the engine? Is it making noise, or misfiring?