Where on the south shore can someone go for good maintenance on tires and not have more damage then before going? Went to mass tire in Weymouth to ‘patch’ from the inside a MDX tire/rim, asked for no weights on the ‘appearance’ side got no weights but about an 11 inch gouge near the tire bead area from the equipment when they put the tire back onto the rim, also got the TPM valve stem stripped of threads that holds the valve stem cover on. for this repair they should have paid me I was glad to get out with My acura in one piece.

I Can’t Answer Your South Shore Question, But I Understand Your Frustration.

I have more and more trouble getting anything done anymore pertaining to cars (Also, banking, medical, schools, restaurants, newspapers, etcetera). After things get screwed up they say, “No problem. Just come back and we’ll take care of it.” (We’ll give it another try.)

The last 4 new tires and valve stems I had put on my wife’s car needed medium length valve stems installed, otherwise it’s a pain in the butt to check and fill the tires, for years. The was my only request, “Don’t put the short valve stems on. Put the next longer ones on, please.” I got the car back with the shortest stems available. "No problem. Just bring it back when you have time and we have time (and we’ll go through this again).

It’s not because I go to the “wrong” places. I live 20 miles from my small town. I no sooner find a place or people I can trust to do the job and before you know it the business changes hands or the employees change. Needless to say I do as much for myself as possible. I’m not ready to bust tires, though.


If they damaged your wheel and TPM they should replace them, free of charge.

I agree with McP that they should repair the damage they did for free. Go back and complain.