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2007 Chevrolet Corvette - Puncture headaches

I have a slow leak (3 lbs. per week, (replenished weekly) in my run flats. Bridgestone Potenza mfg in 2011. small nail in same. 7/11th tread left, NO sidewall stress cracks, 25,000 miles driven. Three tire stores all refused to patch stating tire is over 5 yrs. old. all want to sell me either 2 new and/or 4 new tires (what a surprise)!! I am a very good DIY guy and think I would be able to fix myself with the appropriate tire patch kit. If you do not recommend this an alternative; I really do not like run flats for a variety of reasons (handling and stiffer ride). Any problem to replace with a pair only not 4 non-run flats? tire w/nail is on the rear. Many thanks for your guidance in this matter.

The tire stores are correct and all of your tires are 5 years old . You can use the Tire Rack web site to see what you can put on this Corvette . You need 4 new tires and if a sport ride bothers you what are you doing with a Corvette . Again don’t patch that tire.

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Actually they are 9 years old. Volvo meant OVER 5 years old. Agree, though, ready for replacement. Suck it up and buy 4 new tires, you are due. Because you don’t drive this car much, the tires will age out long before they wear out.

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