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Warped rotors and drums?!

03TacomaPreRunner,2wd. Warped rotors every 4 months for 2 yrs. Warped drums 1 yr ago.

Today honest mechanics ripped into it and found rotors and drums all warped. Again, 4 months later as usual. Pulling out our hairs! They want to try replacing master cylinder and brake hoses ($900!), after looking at all other parts previously, and now are guessing on the PROPORTIONING VALVE and HOSE COLLAPSES(nothing appears to be sticking regularly)They say only 85% confident on this but they are all at a loss, including 2nd opinion at the Toyota dealer shop. Interested in hearing from experienced brake mechanics please! PLEASE!

The first thing that should be asked is, are OEM specific aftermarket brake components being installed? Or are generic aftermarket brake components being installed?

Failing to install brake components that meets or exceeds the OEM specifications can result in short brake component life and/or unwanted brake noise. You’ll pay more for brake components that meets/exceeds the OEM’s specifications, but then you don’t end up with problems like this.


Doesn’t ANYBODY read the past posts on these recurring questions?! At the top of this page, click “Search” on the red bar. On the “Keywords” line, type “warped rotors” (or, whatever problem your vehicle is having). Then, press the Search button. Up will appear several recent discussions on your problem.
Here is one online article devoted to this warped rotor question:

Since this a continuation of your previous posts and we’re now discussing “honest” mechanics who ripped into it, I’ll ask again:
Exactly HOW how have they determined the rotors and drums were warped? What process did they use, what tools, and did they actually show you how this decision was arrived at?

Now we’re down to both rotors AND drums. It’s both ends now or is this more guessing? Simple way to determine if it’s one or the other. Bring the truck up to speed and stop it with the park brake only. If the truck stops smoothly there’s nothing wrong with the rears and the problem is all up front.

(JMHO, but I’ve used countless rotors from many sources (pricy, cheap and factory OEM) and have never seen a problem caused by the quality of the material in the rotor. It would be interesting to examine the truck to determine if there’s a non-brake problem causing this; as I explained in a post on the other thread. Anyhoo, just my humble opinion.)

Thanks again OK4450. I don’t know how they made these determinations about the warping, what equipment they used, but I am meeting with the mechanic on Tuesday and will find out specifics. I will be trying your idea with the parking brake later this afternoon, thank you! I’ve never had to do anything with rotors on any other of my vehicles, and I’d agree with you that the basic rotors from the car parts store have worked well for others I know of. I am also working on the forum (for toyota tacoma’s) and I’ve been given a bunch of ideas concerning front end suspension: ball joints, tie rods, etc, that might lead to the warping symptoms. What gets me is that besides my mechanics, the Toyota dealer’s shop came up blank as well on why I’m going thru this.
Would love any add’l ideas anyone reading this might come up with, and will keep you all posted as to what my mechanic’s logic is on Tuesday. Thanks to all, and to you OK!