Warning lights on 2015 Nissan Sentra

engine light and skid light keeps coming on?

The car is telling you it needs service. Sometimes the check engine light will cause the “skid” light (or stability control) to come on as well. You need to have the error codes read from the car. Many auto parts stores do this for free. Have you car read and post the codes here and we’ll try and help. The engine codes should read like PXXXX.

Codes, pl552, po183, po118, po113

First off, is it still under warranty? If so, get it to the dealer.

Given all the codes listed, it the common fault in all 4 is a poor electrical connection at the ECU. I’d check the battery to make sure it is in good shape - 12.4 volts or better at rest, 13.5 to about 14.7 while the engine is running. If that checks out, I’d look for corrosion on the battery cables and trace the black battery cable to where it attaches the car - the electrical ground - and make sure hat is not corroded as well. If all that is OK and the CEL still is on, search for the ECU - not sure where it is on a Sentra - and check the connections.

This wouldn’t be a used car you bought in the last year, is it? I am thinking it might be a flood car that is showing problems because it was under water.

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No bought off the lot new in 2015, they say it may be the ground, battery was replaced last Monday down to 389 cranking amps

I agree. Grounds will cause all kinds of hard to find problems

Down to testing all 4 harnesses. Mystery I guess