2002 Nissan Sentra Turns over but won't start

I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra. It ran fine yesterday and this morning it turns over and won’t start. The battery has good charge and all of the fuses under the hood and inside the car have been checked and appear ok. This is a GXE 1.8L, I’m a computer guy so I have no idea what else to do.

I do notice when I turn the key to the on position and the dash lights come on that the check engine light flassh rapidly.

Any ideas?

If the Check Engine light is flashing there is an error code stored in the computer and you can usually get the code yourself. Look in the owners manual for how to do it.
Once you get the code you can look it up on the internet.

I’m thinking you’ll need an OBDII code reader to get your code. And since you cannot drive to your local autozone to have it tested for free, this might be a good time to invest in a cheap OBDII code reader. You can do some cheap and easy checks right away which might eliminate certain things. Turn the key on for a few seconds, then turn it off. Now open the hood and find the fuel rail, usually towards the top of the motor, it will have the injectors mounted to or under it. Somewhere on the fuel rail, there will be a small device like a schrader valve, or tire valve. Remove the protective cap, and with your safety glasses on, and a rag in your hand to catch the spray of gasoline, take a small screwdriver or other skinny tool and push in on the little valve core and see if gas sprays out. If so, that is a sign you are getting some fuel. Next, after the gas is all cleaned up, pull one spark plug out and reconnect the wire and hold the spark plug next to something on the engine that is ground. Have someone crank the car. Do not let go of the plug or pull away from the gound, or you will get a rather large, quite nasty shock. If you see a spark at the end of the plug, that means you are getting some spark.
now it’s time to look for the code with your newly purchased code reader. After you find the code, you can google it, and your car make/year, and should be able to take it from there.

Awesome thanks. I will try this. I ordered a cheap little $90 OBD yesterday that plugs into the computer so I will give that a shot.

I miss the old days befpore the computer was installed cars were much easier to fix.

bexstom, when you get your code reader let me know what you come up with. I am somewhat familar with sentra’s and might be able to help you out, save you from buying unnecessary parts. Email me at: connorray@q.com