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when you buy a car,andit has a 100,000mile warantee on the transsission,does that cover man made accidents or only manufacturers defects? gg

Warranties are only against defects in manuafcturing and premature failure during NORMAL USE within the warranty period. If you read the warranties of all the items in your house the language will be similar. "Excludes damage caused by abuse,proper operation or negiglence (no or incorrect maintenance).

To answer your question, unless cause by the defective product itself, accidents are NO INCLUDED, nor is improper operation ,such as overloading, poor or no maintenance ,etc.

The big grey area is what constitutes improper operation; consumer products normally exclude commercial use, overloading etc., as qualifying for a warranty, instead they shorten it.

Performance and fitness for use is an implied warranty and will stand up in court. Dealers usually don’t know how to deal with these issues. In the past, the Chevy Corvair was deemed unfit for use (dangerous) in the hands of the average driver, and it allowed Ralph Nader to lauch the whole consumer movement, for better or worse.

I recently bought an electric kettle, which heated the water OK, but the outer casing was a 2 piece design and the open seam on the handle allowed steam to escape, making it unusable and dangerous. The retailer gladly refunded my money, but probably cancelled further orders of this defective (unfit for use)device.

If you have a specific example that prompted this question, please let us know and we will pass our best judgement as to whether your warranty covers it.

Safety defects are now covered by the government mandated recalls, which the manufacturers are obliged to conduct.


From your earlier post about the damage on your 2005 Kia, the insurance I would be looking at is your landlord’s insurance, your renter’s insurance, or your auto insurance rather than the car’s warranty or GAP insurance.

Nope. Accidents are just that. They are out of the manufactures’ hands. Warranties only cover workmanship/defects and on rare occasions, labor. If you hit something with your car, it’s on you, or landlord/other party. Kia has no obligation to do anything for you.

I agree; the problem referred to is covered by normal hazard insurance which is either your,renter (tenant) property- or your car insurance.