Wanting to take a pro-driving course

Hey guys,

I am looking to take a pro-driving class at some point in the not too distant future,

I want to learn how to handle skids, corners, etc.

Do you guys know about how much is par for the cost of these courses?

Will my insurance premium drop (i’m a 23 year old male, still on dad’s policy) upon completion of something like this, or is it a waste of time to even ask the ins. co. ?

Oh yea, these guys seem to be in my price range:


You need to ask your insurance carrier if your rates will drop. Regardless of the answer, I think it would be time well spent.

I don’t know about performance driving schools, but I took a 6 month (480 hours) tractor-trailer driving course and it helped my driving skills immensely!

The basics of skid control can be learned in a snowy parking lot at 3:00 AM. I think what really helps in real world driving is a course that teaches good defensive driving, space management, backing, effective mirror use, and being aware of what is around you. Like most people, I thought I was the best driver ever to grace the roads. Going to a trucking school that teaches real professional driving skills opened my eyes to a lot of things.

The course that I took included a defensive driving course, for which some insurance companies will give you a reduced rate. Call your insurance company and see what they recommend in this area. Insurance companies know what (statistically) causes most accidents, and the skills that I mentioned above are probably more pertinent on public roads than being a skid control expert.

Any additional education will be a benefit, insurance reduction or not.
Take the course.
Or find a Skip Barber, Bob Bondurant, Be Petty or other performance school.
Or take a course to get a C.D.L. classification in school bus, semi, or limo driving.

As noted by d.c., learning something else in detail always helps everything else.
My airplane pilot school made a massive difference in my automotive operator skills as well.

It will be beneficial for your own driving skills, but may not do much for your insurance. When you first start driving, the companies will give you a break if you have attended a good driving school.

I would never admit to any insurance company to having attended a PERFORMANCE driving school. They may RAISE you premiums.

I also went to truck driving school, but I went full time and took it in two weeks. Another class I took that made me a better driver was the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s Basic Rider Course. Of course I can’t recommend either of these classes if your only goal is to become a better car driver. In terms of fun though, the MSF BRC was a lot more fun.