Front end covers Good or bad ones

I live in southeast Texas near a lake. Love bug season is upon us. I recenly purchased an Infiniti FX35. I want to protect the front from rock chip, hazards and bugs? I read some bad reviews on Le Bra and was wanting advice on making a good choice. Help please.

3M makes a clear film that’s supposed to protect well, without the possibility of rubbing damage to paint that some bras cause.

If you want to keep the bugs out of your radiator as well, buy a bug screen for the front. It will cover the grill and on pickup trucks the headlights as well. They’re ugly but they work. In the Arctic the bugs are fierce in the summer and most vehicles have a bug screen, other wise the rad will plug up with them.

I also recommend the 3M stuff. It seems to please many people. You might want to also consider one of the deflectors to sweep most of the bugs over the windscreen, they are a real pain on the windscreen.

There’s good and bad. Both of my sons own Camaros as secondary cars.
One of them has been happy with the bra on his car. The downside is that if it’s removed after a few years the painted area where the bra was may stick out a bit as compared to the possibly sun-faded paint.
Another downside is that if the bra gets loose for some reason highway speeds can cause it to flap around a bit and the paint could be marred.

The other son was not happy with the bra at all. After looking the car over I discovered that the bra was behind a slight overheating complaint he had after installing the bra.
The bra was covering up a small air inlet port on each side and this was restricting airflow to the radiator. Removed the bra and the overheating went away.
The bra application was correct and the alleged “technical help” at LeBra were absolutely clueless about this issue; nor did they even care. He got stuck with the bra with no refund because it was “used” and the bra is still taking up space in the attic.

I agree with texases about the 3M film being a better option.

what kind of deflector? could I find it at an auto suppy store? Also where would I get the 3m stuff? Thank you for your advice.

You can locate an installer here.