New Car Ad Ons

I agree with not buying paint and sealant add ons. However, clear bras seem to make a lot of sense in Montana where we get a lot of gravel and sand paint chipping. Would you recommend a clear bra and if so, what type? They are not being offered in a spray form as well as a film. What would be the expectation for longevity and appearance?

Here in Colorado cars get a lot of front-end stone chips during the winter. I always have clear bras put on my cars.

Don’t do it through the dealer, but shop around to independents. The 3M film is one of the best – looks good over most paint colors, provides excellent protection and lasts virtually forever. Sprays are pretty worthless. Most clear bra films will age in sunlight and turn a rather unattractive yellow in a few years. Try to keep your car out of the sun and or in a garage. You may also want them to put the film on the fronts of your side mirrors – these get chipped too.


Thank you for your response. Very helpful!

I know the question doesn’t pertain to them, but I have generally preferred ugly deflectors which actually seem to divert the wind flow enough to protect areas above it. A combination of the two would satisfy the most demanding of us. Have never been as content with the bras.