Want to purchase a 5-seatbelt convertible - does it exist?I


Need 3 seatbelts in the rear seat for 3 kids. Does anyone know of a make/model that has more than 2 rear belts?


Try a Sabb 9-3. I don’t know for sure that they have 3 belts in the back but it would be hard for me to believe they don’t, given their reputation.


Not a new one. You’ll have to go back several decades to the really big ones, like a Cadillac or Buick. The problem is that the shoulder room need for a middle seat is taken up by the top mechanism. And you will need lots of money for gas.


The new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited model has seating for 5 and 4 doors.


Your right! I suppose it qualifies as a convertible. The roof panels and side panels can be removed. But it’s the OP’s new car, and if he likes a roof like that, then good for him.


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