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Want crank

99 Buick Park AVE. After runnig sluggish and been parked for about 4 hours car turns over but want start. Its is getting fire and also getting fuel.

Let me know how you figured its getting fuel and fire,maybe the fuel is to little or to much or at the wrong time or the fire is to little or at the wrong time.

Is the cranking speed normal? any kind of action when cranking (backfire through intake or out tailpipe) did you try starting fluid? any codes,maintiance history?

Should that be weak crank?

If so you need the battery and maybe the charging system checked. Many auto parts stores will do it for free.


I think that the OP was attempting to tell us that his/her Buick WON’T crank. But then again, my interpretation could be wrong. I would guess that English is not this person’s native language.

As to the OP’s problem, I would suggest that he/she start with basic maintenance of the vehicle. If the spark plugs have not been changed for a long time, that would be a good place to start.

Also, on the chance that there may be some stored trouble codes, a scan of the OBD II system would be a good idea. The OP did not say whether the CEL was illuminated, but I have a feeling that there may be other factors that have also not been reported.