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Buick Cranking

95 Buick Park Ave. 3800cc.

When I turn the ignition It starts to crank then hesitates less than a second and then starts up. About every 3-4 months my battery is dead; have to jump.

Typically the charging gauge shows less than 13. If AC is on it shows 8-10.

Are those things related and what may be going on?

I would start with a complete charging system test and a load test on the battery. This can be done free at places like Advance Auto and Autozone. Sears will do the test, but charges a fee for it.

That will tell you if there is a relationship. No car should need a jump start on its battery every three months or so. My opinion is that your battery is starting to fail, due to the continual lack of full charge. causing the weak start and requirement for multiple jump starts.

Sounds like a bad alternator. Need to hook up a digital volt meter. Check the voltage prior to starting it. It will have the battery voltage. Should be around 12 volts. Start the car. It should go up to 13-14 volts. If it doesn’t, bad alternator. If it does, look elsewhere.