Wacky cars needed for an event

Hi guys, I work at Goodwood motor circuit and we are looking for cars that are out of the ordinary to come to a Breakfast club at Goodwood motor circuit on a Sunday. We are looking for something that is “anything but cars” something weird but wonderful.

If you could email me at Louisblackburn6@yahoo.com aswell as a picture, if we deem suitable we will send you further details on dates, times etc

Many thanks for reading this post

@louisblackburn6_181352 You think everyone who sees this is going to know where the Goodwood Motor Circuit is located ? Me thinks it is the United Kingdom so responce from this primarily United States forum is limited.

Oh okay, wasent sure it was a USA forum so I do apologise

Yes, it is located in England. I wish the OP much luck, but I don’t think that this US-based forum is going to provide the exposure that he wants.

Goodwood just completed the Festival of Speed and coming up in September is the Goodwood Revival. You can watch segments of these fantastic events on YouTube. Both are celebrations of vintage racing cars. The Festival has a hillclimb and a rally event for the cars. The Revival uses the racetrack on the Duke of Richmond’s estate. For the Revival, the spectators dress in period costumes.

These events are on my bucket list… the Revival especially.

Always fun to see 1950-60’s race cars crashed by bad drivers. You go on racetrack? Expect bad things to happen.

I don’t see a problem with your post. There are people all over the world that visit this site.
Hope your event is very successful.

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No problem with the post . But not everyone knows where Goodwood Circuit is which should have been in the original post. There may even be someone in England with such a vehicle that does not know just where Goodwood is.

No apologies are necessary, mate.

It just would have been helpful to all readers to simply cover the 5 w’s. Who, what, where, when, and why. It should not require emailing someone for the details. I have noticed this more and more in news articles where they miss the main points. A recent local article on cleaning up a wilderness, never identified where it was in two pages. I’ve come to expect misuse of brake and there, but gee, include the basics.

I had a boss that insisted every memo start with the purpose of this memo is. I get a number of solicitations and very few come right out with it at the start. Lecture over. Thought it was Friday.

Several times recently, I have read local news articles in which they refer to someone by his/her last name in the first paragraph, and never get around to mentioning their full name until the end of the article. I’m sure that you learned–as I did–that a person’s full name should be mentioned first, and then just his/her last name can be used later.

A couple of weeks ago, I emailed a reporter about his use of “discrete” when the correct usage would have been “discreet”. At least he did acknowledge his mistake–which is fairly rare nowadays, as is good writing style.

I will keep this short (even brief…), but speaking of reporters; I cannot stand it when a reporter asks a grieving family member, “How do you feel”? I’ve wondered about this for years (sometimes yelling at the TV).

They seem to use it as the go to question whenever tragedy strikes; it is so pointless, and so ubiquitous. I wonder if any reporter has ever been asked this question after their family member suffered a horrible catastrophe.