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Wacko Speedo

My speedometer is freaking out. If I make a hard turn or hit a pothole (even at slow speeds) the speedometer jumps to 100 mph, fluctuates wildly for a few seconds and gradually settles down to approximately the correct speed, although it still acts a little nervous. The fuel supply seems to be momentarily reduced (engine stutters) when the speedo goes into its gyrations. I’m assuming that the speed sensor wire is loose or damaged or that the sensor itself is bad. Where do I find it on this vehicle (97 Grand Voyager 3.0)?

the speedo sensor is located on the transmission. Dodge minivans are bad about having corrosion in their electrical connectors. I believe that either advance or autozone have online component locators that can give you a rough idea of where to look…or just call the local dodge dealer and ask them