VW's most popular non-automotive part

… is Part No. 199 398 500 A, and it’s not something that I could have ever imagined.


We need exports to the US! There’s a German expatriate just east of Baltimore that makes his own magnificent sausages, and I’m sure he’d love to handle distribution here.

German Town in Columbus has a restaurant (name escapes me) with all the sausage you want.

I wonder if customs would consider it an automotive part.

Quite interesting. I’ve never heard of that.

On the other hand, after I attended some Subaru service schools I found out that the “free lunches” we were treated to were billed back to the local dealer Parts Dept. as “parts”.

I was doing a crossword puzzle earlier in the week, and one of the words was 5 letters, ending in K, w/clue “campfire fare”. After a good deal of mulling this over, considering all the stuff I’ve eaten while sitting around a campfire, marshmallows, some-mores, hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, etc (I’m really bad at crosswords, I can only do the easy versions … lol …), finally it came to me, must be “frank”. Then yesterday I went grocery shopping, came to the hot dog section, bought a package of Hebrew Nationals, can’t wait to have one … lol …

I was watching a show on discovery called Extreme Builds. This show was about the this resort being built on islands off the coast of Dubai. Very very high-end everything went into this place. One thing that caught my eye was the furniture. It was made by Bentley . I did not know Bentey also made furniture.