Interesting developments at Porsche (and at VW?)

This is not a question, but is merely a posting of interesting developments at Porsche that may have a “ripple effect” on VW.

I forgot to include the link to the article detailing this information.
Here it is:

I’m Not Positive That This Is Fair And Balanced Reporting. However I Look Forward To A “New” VW/Porsche 914.


I’m glad that you don’t hold a grudge, CSA.

VDC Driver, I’m Strictly Joking! No Grudge!

I was working for VW when the 914s hit the road. A guy I worked with bought one. That vehicle came with either a 4 cylinder VW (I think 1.7L) or a Porsche six (914-6). At that time I remember being told that the vehicle was marketed in the U.S. as a Porsche and in Germany as a VW. We had a couple of German employees, Wolfgang and Helmut.


I’d gladly resign for $70 million. No problem.

Yeah, it appears that outsized Golden Parachutes are not exclusive to the US!

I just hope VW doesn’t start sharing lots of parts with Porsches in general. A ‘Porsche’ GTI would not be my hope for a modern day 914.

Don’t the Porsche Cayenne and the VW Tuareg already share lots of parts?

True…but then I don’t think of the Cayenne as much of a Porsche…