VW Transmission Class Action Suit

If you own(ed) or lease(ed) a 2018-2020 VW and have had transmission problems, you might be eligible for a settlement:

I presume this is a problematic automatic transmission. Wondering …

  • 7-10 speed conventional automatic, or CVT?
  • Is problem w/the transmission innards, the torque converter, or something else?

It’s an 8 speed. From the complaint:

"The Transmission was designed to improve the Class Vehicles’
miles-per-gallon ratings in reaction to consumer demand and mounting pressure
from regulators to continually improve fuel economy. Unfortunately, the fuel
economy came at a price. On information and belief, under pressure to squeeze
more miles per gallon out of the Class Vehicles, VWGoA calibrated the
Transmission’s software to engage higher gears at insufficient speeds and
insufficient revolutions per minute (“RPMs”) and likewise programmed the
torque converter to lock up at insufficient speeds and at insufficient RPMs.
This overly aggressive programming leads to stress in the torque converter, which is
insufficiently robust for the application. As a result, the Transmission grates,
scuffs, scrapes, grinds, suffers hard and sudden shifts, delayed acceleration,
hesitation, banging into gear, and ultimately suffers broken seals and oil leaks,
resulting in catastrophic failure (the “Transmission Defect.”) "