Shifting issue with Volkswagen 2007 rabbit

My girlfriend has a 2007 Volkswagen Rabbit, and she said that occasionally when she slows down as she’s getting off the freeway her car downshifts from third to first really quickly and she’s concerned. She took it to the dealer but, of course, they couldn’t tell what was wrong because it only happens on occasion. They said it might have something to do with the brakes pumping if she slows down too fast. Any thoughts on what this might be or what she should do? I need to give her an answer so I look like a savvy man boyfriend! The car has 60,000 miles on it.

While I doubt it it is a cause, but has the transmission fluid ever been changed?

This may be one of the VW models that lacks a dipstick for the transmission, in which case my question is pointless, but I will ask it anyway:

Have you checked the level, color, and odor of the trans fluid?

Want to look savvy? Tell her the transmission issue has nothing to do with the brakes, regardless of what the dealer says.

She cannot “slow down too fast.” There is no such thing.

Leave it at that.

Maybe, under the circumstances, the transmission is doing what it’s programmed to do.

You’re welcome.