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VW says new diesel engines are clean

Well, for the sake of both the company and their employees, I certainly hope that those engines are “clean”.
Could that company stand to pay any more multi-million dollar fines?
If more of their employees go to prison, will anyone want to work for VW/Audi?

I noticed this part in the article:

Re: fine particles of dirt, dust and other tiny matter emitted into the air from engines.

"This fine dust is only an issue for ‘Otto’ direct injection engines (gasoline engines), a small issue, because that represents only 2.0 percent of the total fine dust load, Eichhorn elaborated.

“With modern diesel, this fine dust is no longer an issue thanks to soot particle filters and in terms of gasoline engines, we will introduce these particle filters over the next two years.”

Just in time for Europe banning diesels. I think probably all they did was add the blue fluid that will cost consumers a couple more cents a mile. I’m just not a big fan of diesel cars anyway and think consumers bought them with stars in their eyes thinking about all the money they’d save on fuel.

What did they do? I didn’t see it in the article. Aren’t they using urea injection like everyone else?

I also hope that VW fixed the problem for their employees sake and their dealer netwro’s sake. I’m sure the mechanics, office workers, and salespeople at VW/Audi/Porsche dealerships have lost income because of the pollution cheating scandal.

I don’t know, but I’ll guess they got rid of the bypass code, enlarged the reactors/filters and the DEF tank, increased the DEF use, and it works like it should have in the first place.

The real bad cheater VWs being stored didn’t use DEF. They’ll likely be scrapped by VW, too expensive to fix.


I wouldn’t mind the minimal impact to the environment if they donated all the recalled vehicles to present and soon to be present needy victims of hurricanes.

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But they would not be able to, as they do not pass pollution limits.

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They were designed to pass emission tests, that has not changed. Nox emissions seem to be the issue, no big deal I say.

However, EPA is under new management so maybe its not so impossible. But I suspect most water logged cars will be replaced by insurance. Only those folks that had older cars without insurance would need a free replacement. I don’t know what I would do though. I need a car every day and usually two.

Amazingly, Texas does not require auto insurance, only that the driver found at fault pay for the damage to the other vehicle and person ainjuries.

But if you finance the car, the bank will almost always require full coverage as a condition to get a loan.
It doesn’t make much sense to pay for comprehensive and collision insurance on an old beater. Just put those would-be insurance premiums into a car replacement fund savings account instead.