Where to find a cheap dirty VW diesel?

Just wondering what happened to all those recalled or bought back Diesel VW’s.
I sure would like to buy one at a screaming price. I don’t care about no stinking emission lying!

If you are in the USA those can’t be sold until they meet emission regulations and I doubt if any will be sold in the USA at all. You might not care about emissions but most sensible people do.

They’re all sitting in the middle of the desert.



Also, any owners will get thousands by turning in their car to VW. Why would they sell it to you cheap?


This is an ugly situation all around, and I don’t see any easy way for an “outsider” to swoop in for the kill, snatching up these cars for pennies on the dollar

At least not anybody intending to drive these vehicles in the USA

In the future, I could theoretically envision a scenario where the cars wind up unmodified in some country with pathetic or non-existent emissions standards

But the body’s not even cold yet, so don’t hold your breath

Not to open this whole topic up again but Minnesota reported they were getting something like $40 plus million for their share of the VW payment. They are rubbing their hands with glee trying to figure out how to spend it. We don’t need the money and I consider this extortion. Regardless of the guilt or innocence of VW, (and the others that haven’t been caught yet) I just have problems with huge fines and then distributed to hungry politicians. I wonder where the one billion from Wells Fargo will go? I understand the middle ages view of torture and punishment for offenders, but those able to extort fines should not benefit from them. Same thing with taking peoples cash and property without a conviction but that’s another board.

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I don’t believe that VW or anyone else is allowed to export the offending VW/Audi diesels. That’s why there is that huge parking lot full of them that @Tester posted above.

I said theoretically

If the vehicles are still there in 2 or 3 years, I could imagine there will be pressure to accept offers to export them

It’s still relatively early in the game . . .

Is there any room for a non diesel one with stripped crankshaft pulley allen bolts lmao